Born To The Theatre

This one women show, is the story of Dalia Friedland, one of Israel's well known actresses , follwing in the foot steps of her parents, Hannale Hendller and Zvi Friedland, how were founding members of the "Habima" Israel's national theatre.

The show is a combination of story telling, monologues and video clips from her roles in the theatre and movie during the years.


Story telling - Dalia enters the stage and presents her self.

Monologue  - from the play "The Hypochodriace" by Moliere.

Story telling - my father Zvi freidland - Actor, Director, Mentor. His work at the "Habima" and beyond.

Monologue - my father's Actors Studio.

Story telling - my mother Hannale Hendler and her special roles in "Habima".

Monologue  - from "Mirele Efros" by the jewish playwright Jacob Gordin

Story telling - "The Witch" by another jewish playwright Abraham Goldfaden

Video clip - Mirele in the musical darma The Witch

Story telling - Shakespeare's "Othelo" - classics plays in Habima

 Video clip - Othelo and Desdemona.

Story telling -  "Who's afraid of virginia woolf" - a modern americam play in "Habima".

Video clip - Who's afraid of virginia woolf 


Story telling -  "A doll's house" by Ibsen in "Habima" - the first modern feminist play

Video clip - the final dialogue between Nora and her husband


Story telling - "Yana's friends" - Best Supporting Actress

Video clip - Yana's friends


Story telling - childhood memories - Closure

Monologue - the most colorful actress in "Habima" - Tamara


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